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Howard Brand, 
Managing Partner

Mr. Brand has extensive management and finance experience over the past 37 years as a consultant, entrepreneur, investor and in management.  Collectively, he has attained broad industry experience in healthcare services, telecom, scrap metal recycling, business services, consumer goods, finance, investment banking and manufacturing.   Mr. Brand is the Managing Partner of HNB Capital LLC (“HNB”), a Los Angeles based investment banking firm, specializing in acquisitions and debt based corporate finance.


In August of 2015, Mr. Brand advised its portfolio company, Blue Casa Telephone, in its acquisition of Telscape Communications from TruConnect Communications. Telscape is large land line telephone company serving customers in California, primarily in the Lifeline niche.


In March of 2015, HNB became a large investor in JE Williams (“Williams”) trucking.  Williams, based in Billings, Montana, is focused on refrigerated, full load, long haul trucking (  Williams owns 42 tractor trucks and 48 refrigerated trailers. Mr. Brand is on the Board of Directors.


In June of 2014, HNB became a large investor in DC Imaging LLC, pka Color Labs (“DCI”) based in Pennsylvania.  DCI is the premier manufacturer and distributor of compatible inkjet cartridges for the mailroom and addressing machine sectors ( Mr. Brand is Chairman of the Board of Directors.


In March of 2013, HNB became large investor in Kamako Manufacturing, LLC (“KM”). KM manufactures the patent pending Automated Shaker Screen Cleaner which is utilized in oil/gas drilling and mining operations to remove sediment from drilling fluids that can be recovered and recycled in the drilling process ( The unit also saves on chemical and water usage in drilling as well as improves drilling safety by removing human personal from the cleaning process. The product has been universally designed to fit on all current shakers in use.


In June of 2012, HNB became a large investor in Reloaded Games. Reloaded Games, Inc. (“Reloaded”) licenses, develops and publishes free-to-play online video games on its web site.  The revenue model is centered around its free-to-play games, such as All Points Bulletin (“APB”) and Hawken, which use virtual currency to allow players purchase and spend on in-game purchases (i.e. weapons, skins, etc…) to modify their characters.  Reloaded also offers its games to other publishers to make the game available on other web sites and licenses its games to licensees in different countries. Reloaded also provides download delivery software to other gaming companies as well as businesses outside of the gaming industry. Mr. Brand is on the Board of Directors of Reloaded


In May of 2011, HNB led the purchase of GameWorks Entertainment (“GameWorks”) from Sega Corporation of Japan.  GameWorks is one of the largest video arcade/bar/restaurant chains in the United States with 11 locations averaging 30,000 square feet each (  The Gameworks concept currently combines interactive entertainment (bowling, billiards, arcade games, eSports) with a casual dining/sports bar offering. The company’s closet competitor on a national level is Dave and Buster’s. The Gameworks entertainment model is has expanded to incorporate the current phenomenon of allowing gamers to play their games out of their homes. Gameworks offers competitive eSports tournaments and play at its venues ( Under Mr. Brand’s leadership Gameworks went from nearly $7 million in annual losses to strong profitability. Mr. Brand hired industry specific management, fixed systems, opened new locations and led the eSports initiative. HNB is a large equity holder of Gameworks. Mr. Brand serves as the Chairman of Board of Directors of GameWorks.


In March of 2011, Howard participated in the purchase of Blue Casa Telephone (‘BCT”).  BCT is one largest land line Hispanic telephone companies in California (  Howard and his team immediately converted BCT’s nearly $5 million annual loss into an immediate profit.  Mr. Brand hired industry specific management and lowered costs.  BCT is licensed by the California Public Utility Commission and the Federal Communications Commission.  Mr. Brand is the largest equity holder of BCT. Mr. Brand is the Chairman of Board of Directors of BCT.


In June of 2010, HNB purchased Chatsworth Data Products (“CDC”). CDC manufactures optical mark readers and paper scanners ( HNB is the largest equity holder of CDC. Under Mr. Brand’s leadership CDC went from nearly $3 million in annual losses to strong profitability. Mr. Brand promoted internal knowledgeable management and reduced costs.  Mr. Brand is on the Board of Directors of CDC.


In June of 2010, HNB became as large owner of IOG Products.  IOG manufactures transportation sensors attached to shipping boxes/containers that record impacts and biometric activities during shipment ( ).  Mr. Brand is on the Board of Directors of IOG.


From 2004 to 2013, HNB developed an expertise in the field of healthcare finance.  In 2009, Mr. Brand, arranged for debtor in possession financing for Downey Regional Medical Center (“Downey”).  In September 2010, the DIP financing was refinanced for $15 million line. Mr. Brand arranged bankruptcy exit financing for Downey of $52 million in March 2012. Mr Brand participated in the sale of Downey to Presbyterian Integrated Healthcare in March of 2013. In 2004, Mr. Brand helped provide the debt capital for Olympia Medical Center in Los Angeles (“Olympia”). Olympia is one of the most successful hospitals and medical centers in Los Angeles.  We were able to take Olympia from a negative (loss) EBITDA of $8.0 million on an annualized basis in 2004 to a positive EBITDA by 2006. We instituted financial planning, budgets, cost controls, new systems, employee motivation programs, and revenue cycle improvements to achieve these results. Olympia was sold to Alecto Healthcare Services in December 2013. Mr. Brand provided financial consulting services to Huntington Park Community Hospital (“Huntington”). Huntington was sold to Avante Medical in 2012.  He provided health care financing services to Sleepwell Laboratories, a chain of medical sleep diagnostic centers.  Mr. Brand helped arrange the sale of Sleepwell to Avastra.

Mr. Brand was previously employed by Kann Capital where he focused on obtaining debt financing for small, troubled companies. Mr. Brand was a principal of Fairway Salvage (“Fairway”) for nearly 20 years before becoming an investment banker in 2000.  Fairway was one of the largest scrap metal recyclers in Southern California. Fairway processed thousands of tons of ferrous scrap (steel) and millions of pounds of non-ferrous metals every year.  Most of the scrap was processed and shipped to Asia. In December 2004, Mr. Brand managed the sale of Fairway Salvage to Pacific Coast Recycling (a division of Mitsui, Inc.). Pacific Coast Recycling, now part of SA Recycling, is the largest metal recycling company in the western United States. Mr. Brand has acted as an expert witness for Coast Business Credit and Great American Appraisal in matters related to the scrap metal recycling industry.

He’s a native of California and grew up in Los Angeles. He holds a BA in Economics from UCLA and a MBA from the University of West Los Angeles.

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